Ambient Channel

No matter where you are, there has to be a neutral place for you. A place to relax and forget what came before and what will come after this moment. The Ambient Channel HD collection will give you just that.

You choose from nine original HD videos with sound:

A Soothing Koi Fish Pond, Babbling Brook, LA and DC Downtown Time Lapse, Piranha Fish Tank, Deep Space Travel, Snapdragon flowers, Rushing Clouds, and a House Party Background

All videos and time lapse are shot on a Sony HDR and SLR digital cameras and include music and sound design by Ambient Channel.

You can tap 'Random' or 'Play All' to display video art for a longer set.

YouTube Demo Video


You want to buy a new set of wheels, but you're not sure which ones compliment your car the most. Wheelz allows you to quickly choose the right style before you make that pricey investment.

Simply take a picture of the side of your car or truck. Then visualize it with new rims and spinners. Save your favorite snapshots or share the picture with your friends.

Wheelz features 60 rims including a collection of 15 spinners. Just shake your iPhone to make 'em spin.

You get a wide range of styles from aluminum, to stylish chrome, 100-spoke, and spinners. It's a quick and easy way to see your ride dressed in different shoes.

"They spinnin, man. They spinnin"

Wheelz App Website

Ultimate 2012

As soon as you launch 'Ultimate 2012' you are greeted by a detailed animated Mayan calendar with eerie sounds of its ancient moving parts. Each piece of the clock moves independently and can be displayed in portrait or landscape. Then more features and surprises wait for you.

·TASKS· What do you want to accomplish within the next few years? Simply add, check-off, or remove to do items on your list.

·DROP OF KNOWLEDGE· One piece of advice or proverb for every day of the year.

·TIME CAPSULE· Send yourself a message to the future and lock it with a turn of the vault wheel. Not to be opened until 12/21/2012

HINT: A surprise Apocalyptic video waits for you when the countdown reaches December 21, 2012

YouTube Demo Video

Armenian Monument

To date, only 21 countries have recognized the events of 1915 as genocide. This app is to educate and enlighten the rest of the world to accept facts and begin to lay the foundation to lasting peace.

This app features an animated eternal flame with flowers which increase based on the number of visits on that day.

A Donate section which will raise funds for a Genocide Monument and education platform to be built in Glendale, CA (100% of donations go to the monument)

A History Section with a list of countries who have recognized the genocide.

A Latest News section which updates with the latest stories in Genocide Recognition.